Wild One Series

Wild horses are facing a heartbreaking reality in America today. In the early 1900s, nearly two million of these beautiful creatures used to roam freely without the threat of human intervention. Today, government culling has reduced the remaining breeds’ population to less than 50,000.   

In order to bring light to what is happening, fine art photographer, Lindsey Childs, has come together with international singer-songwriter, Saie Saie, through their shared love of these wild animals. 

As a California native, Lindsey aims to bring awareness to the plight of these animals with her Wild One series. Always having been attracted to projects with a social impact, she strives to give her subjects, people and animals alike, a voice to help combat their conflicts.

In addition to the series, Saie Saie has announced a live horseback tour across the California coast. Her Wild One tour harnesses the universal language of music to shine a light on the heartbreaking situation of the wild horses that continues to happen in our very own country. She plans to ride horseback from venue to venue, sharing her music, support, and strategy to work with Native Americans to transfer the wild horses to their reservations in order to run free.  

Our great mustangs are being threatened. They are rounded up and transported to countries where they are carelessly slaughtered while the remaining horses end up at auction. We owe these great creatures their lives. They are descendants of the very animals who helped pioneers settle the West and we owe them the land they helped us inhabit.

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All images © 2015-2017 Lindsey Childs